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Mr Singh is a leader in every respect. He set out a clear vision from the beginning, and through enthusiasm and sound decision making, ADI CRO has prospered. He sets high standards, has strong business acumen, and a strong philanthropic spirit.

The President and CEO of ADI CRO is a man well known for his capability to understand and analyse a problem and come up with a solution.  A thought leader and entrepreneur, Mr Matharu is well known for being the ‘Solution Person’ in the industry.   His 20 years experience and expertise in all matters pharmaceutical, healthcare, IT, and medical animation has seen Mr Matharu build various companies from start-up to market leader corporate level.

This reputation often sees Mr Matharu quoted in various publications around the world.

He has mentored many who still work for ADI CRO and the wider group.  His reputation and expertise is far reaching.

Mrs Chadha’s ubiquitous skills have been realised at ADI CRO, as her record on successfully growing global operations and long-term client and vendor relationships has proven. An MBA holder in BPO, her efforts have brought focus and organization to ADI CRO which has positively impacted on client service delivery.


Neerja has been with us since 2007 and in that time has successfully delivered projects which involved complex trials clinical trial data assignments, and developed bespoke clinical trials solutions for a diverse array of clients. With five years experience working in the Central Nervous System (CNS) therapeutic area, she oversees projects which fall under this umbrella.

Neerja holds a Masters in Biotech, and ensures medical writing teams, medical animation teams, and common technical document authors meet their deadlines.

Priyanka joined ADI in 2008. Her responsibilities extend to ensuring the continuous improvement wheel keeps turning in the right direction. She has a process driven mind and is very good at turning negatives into positives and uses this skill to improve the quality of work at ADI. She ensures new projects are managed to perfection& are delivered to clients in a timely and accurate fashion. She is M. Phil. from PU Chandigarh.

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