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3D Medical Animation Solutions

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words – Get your Message Across

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. It is therefore time to get your message across precisely with our 3D Animation solutions, one of the finest in India!

Whether you’re presenting to stakeholders, or selling the finished product to customers, a picture can convey a message in ways that no amount of words ever will! A medical animation speaks for itself, to put across your message or recorded medical data as an easily understood medium.

Our team of dedicated medical and creative specialists is committed to making 3D animations that effectively engage and inform your target audiences. Our medical specialist get to the heart of your project and ensure factual accuracy, while our creative gurus write the script and put together your film to showcase the unique selling points and key aspects of your project.

The process makes your products real, in ways reading manuals cannot.

Consider the possibilities

Sales Teams

Your sales teams are ready to present your drug to your audience. Rather than wading through reams of paperwork, why not show the animation instead. Here the key issues can be pinpointed, making your product real in the minds of potential buyers!

Also, when you present the product to the sales team, an animation makes the product come to life. This makes the product far easier to market and sell by your respective teams.


ELearning / Gamification of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Products

Gamification is a concept which is arguably still new but is seeing more practical applications every day. From apps to medical instruction, gamification turns a learning process into a game. Exercise –apps, for instance, are using the medium to help individuals achieve their physical goals. We, at ADI CRO, excel at the specialized biostatics service that gamification of pharmaceutical and biotech products, is!

For your study projects in the medical field, we put together the concepts and your key learning objectives and create an animation to help students visualize the concepts. Reading about anatomy is one thing, but seeing it presented in front of you is quite another. Traditionally, it would be in examination rooms and operating theatres where this would come to life. Now, it can safely be presented via a computer, as 3D data visualizations, minimizing risk and helping the student get to grips with the challenges.

Regardless of the course or product, talk to us and let our medical and creative geniuses bring your message across in a way books alone will never be able to do.

ELearning / Gamification in Clinical Research

3D medical animations are an excellent way present your clinical trials to the important and influential people needed for its success.

Visualized concepts are far easier to understand than reading reams and reams of documentation. Moreover, they are persuasive. So if you’re looking for eConsent from patients, or funding for your clinical trials, our creative and medical teams are ready to put a biomedical/healthcare animation film together to make your argument convincing.

To learn how our creative and medical teams can bring your research and products to life, complete the, My 3D Medical Animation form.


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