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The Client

A renowned national association for diseases based in France

The Task

Conduct an observational study of 9000 individuals to chart the progress and affects of a new treatment, extracting data from 200 medical centers across France.

The data had to be precisely extracted and pinpointed.  Clinic personnel had to be trained in how to take the samples and process them.  After the data was analysed the results of the study were to be made available to the public.

Our creative and innovative turnkey approach

Our approach encompassed the following:

We designed the study from the ground up. This included:

  • Protocol and documentation was developed
  • Devised bespoke 3D animated eLearning training to educate clinical staff on how to take the samples needed for the study, and how to process them.
  • This training platform was hosted online for easy access by all 200 clinics. This enabled us to monitor progress of the training as well as provide it
  • After the study began, the data taken by clinic personnel was fed online for processing. We designed and implemented a bespoke tool specifically to accomplish this task
  • Our clinical study teams analysed the dataset in accordance with the study objectives. This was double checked to ensure accuracy. The results were then published in a report
  • The results were published online. To make the results easier to visualise, the results could be accessed and searched by location. This was shown in a 3D map to make visualization of the results easier

The Results

  • The project was completed on time and on budget
  • The results were deemed to be accurate by our client
  • Client feedback indicated a 35% cost saving by using our services
  • The bespoke web based technology used in the study allowed for the rapid training of key personnel and contributed greatly to the study’s success

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